Omnia Azar's "EQ" is Undeniable

You ever believe the best in people and they still let you down? Beginning with an ominous bass line, you don’t know what to expect when presented with this prompt in OMnia Azar’s debut music video “EQ” (2020). There are times when expectations met with disappointment cause offense, destruction, and even contribute to trauma. OMnia’s latest work, described as a conduit towards healing, also presents itself as a narrative of how that disappointment can actually produce self-love and other interpretations of healing for herself and others. 

By the time the songs title enters the frame, a woman dressed in white ushers the listener into quietness as we prepare for a moment of storytelling. Criss-cross, apple sauce, our spirits huddled around a proverbial campfire, the first line rattles the listener to the core: “Started at the root of it all…”. We are obviously in for a treat. 

The beautiful OMnia Azar appears and begins to process what can only be classified as an experience we all have had to endure. The video is a documentation of the actual last straw of a relationship that has gone through its fair share of turmoil. Expressively duplicitous, the video makes you wonder how many times one must learn a lesson until they acknowledge their truest form. Essentially, what does moving on look like? 

Intellectually speaking, one would wonder why this peek into overcoming disappointment is OMnia’s debut introduction to our minds and spirits? As you listen, you hear the subtle stance of empowerment in which OMnia represents the all to familiar resistance to the fuck niggadry epidemic in this United States of America. Obviously, someone thought they were prepared for the intoxicating adventure that is OMnia and were sorely mistaken. The hook grabs you by the throat and leaves you thirsty, “Like you didn’t. know I was this golden, Like you didn’t know I had this potion, Like it wasn’t deep and wide as the ocean, Like it wasn’t tokin’ smokin’ this potent”. 

By the climax of the video, OMnia has transformed into her highest self before our eyes with a jaring requisition of self love. By the time she declares that her “kundalini has got us soaring” we are already enthralled by the video direction of Bashi Rose and OMnia’s songwriting prowess. 

A leading theme of sisterhood undergirds the African Ancestral Healing tones obvious throughout the piece. A spiritual transition from what could have been an alcohol-filled, deep blood red cabernet sauvignon evening transforms into an entire vibe doused with power and honey. We realize OMnia has undergone a personal redefinition that impacts her own tribe and the art that she creates in a legendary fashion. Whomever was on the other end of the line of the initial scene no longer matters because OMnia has found a more consistent, liberated identity in focus. The piece ends with a meditative chant leaving the listener and viewer wondering how this Superwoman and her tribe will transcend into new life and hopefully, new love. 

As you enjoy this work of art, please consider the following questions: 

What does healing look like for me? What do I need to heal from? 
Who is a part of my tribe that can assist my healing efforts? 
What affirmations can I use to confirm my identity in times of disappointment? What words remind me that I am indeed worthy of love?

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