blood in my eye (a soul insurgent guide)

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Konjur Collective incorporates the talents of a host of musicians and artists forming a creative improvisational mash-up of high-level artistic expression for the advancement of Black Music and culture. Inspired by the pulse of Bmore, free Jazz, Black Radical politics and spiritual practices of the African Diaspora, we believe that people of African descent should reconnect to our ancestors, history, and identity in a rebellious, creative, and liberating way that contributes to a future void of white supremacy and all the inhumane bullshit that comes with it.

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What does a black liberated future look like?

Quick Conversation Prompt: What are your thoughts?


Black Excellence Qoute Catalog

List some of your favorite qoutes from Black Arts Movement Artists and lets discuss


African Spirituality and Cosmic Music

A discussion board dedicated to discovering the intersections between African Spirituality and Free Jazz


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